Take Advantage Of Your Builder’s Warranty!

If You Let the Warranty Expire On Your New Home Without an Inspection, There's a Good Chance You're Throwing Money Away!

After being in your home for one year your homebuilder warranty expires. If you do not address problems within one year of your closing date your builder will no longer be response for any issues.

When you hire us to complete a warranty-end inspection, we will thoroughly inspect all of the major components of your home. Upon completion we will supply you with a customized and detailed report identifying any issues. You can supply this inspection to your builder prior to the expiration of your homebuilder warranty and they will be responsible for making the necessary repairs.

Here’s what our clients have to say!


I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you again for the inspection of our home. The inspection was worth every penny I paid for – the IR technology is a must. The builder has already fixed every issue that was addressed in your report. The most significant finding was the insulation issue in the master bedroom. Let’s just say now I have 10″ of cellulose insulation over the MB and probably the best insulated bedroom in St. Johns county.

Thanks again and good luck with your business. I will definitely refer you guys to any new home owner.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Szabo

As an impartial, third-party inspector, First Choice Building Inspections does not perform corrective work nor do we work for the builder, so we have no vested interest in discovering or concealing problems. We simply present our findings based on our experience and knowledge. We’re There For You!!

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