How You Can Prevent Wood Rot On Your Window Sills and Trim

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Today we’re going to show you one of the most common causes of wood rot on your window sills and trim.

window sill rotAs you can see from these pictures, the little metal portion on the bottom of the window screen is secured tight up to this window sill and when it rains, the water goes in behind the window screen and ponds on the window sill because this little metal piece of the screen acts as a dam.

As the paint breaks down on the window sill, the water seeps down through the window sill and you start getting wood rot. You can get wood rot all the way down the window sill. This can be a two or three hundred dollar repair and when you look at this house or any house that has window screens on the windows, it can get quite costly.

So do yourself a giant favor, if you’re not using your windows for Window trim rotventilation, then remove your window screens and store them in your basement or your attic.

If you are using your windows for ventilation when you raise the window, check out the condition of the window sill, is the paint broken down? Do you see an indication of wood rot? If the paint’s broken down go ahead and clean it up, sand it, and paint it so that the water sitting on that window sill that is being held up by that screen won’t cause wood rot. As you can see in these pictures, there is a whole bunch of wood rot and this particular window sill is going to have to be replaced. All because this window sill wasn’t maintained and painted and the water seeped down in and rotted the sill.

window sill and trim wood rot

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