First Choice Building Inspections sometimes finds it necessary to use an aerial Drone for the purpose of inspecting the roof due to inaccessible areas or unsafe conditions. Home Inspectors do not typically walk on a roof which is unsafe, or constructed of a material which may become damaged by walking on it. So, using a Drone is a big plus for our clients. FCBI does not charge extra for this special and exclusive service either. We consider it an additional tool in our arsenal to help provide you with the best inspection possible. 

When we do use the Drone, you’ll receive any photographs and/or video taken. Most times, these will be embedded directly within your inspection report.

Our drone is considered a short range type limited to about 25 minutes of flight time with about a 1.5 mile range, is always operated below 400 feet, and always within visual line of sight. All flights comply with FAA Part 107 SUAS regulations.