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What To Consider When Choosing A New Siding

Posted on: September 7, 2017 by in Blog
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From your friends at First Choice Building Inspections Selecting new siding is one of the most important curb appeal decisions homeowners face when building new or remodeling an existing home. With so many options — both classic and modern materials — there’s a lot to consider. Many manufacturers are now combining traditional styles and materials with advanced technologies, delivering product homeowners can love for years to come. Among all the options on the market, vinyl siding Continue Reading ...

Make A Small Bathroom Look Luxurious

Posted on: August 31, 2017 by in Blog
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  From your friends at First Choice Building Inspections If you’re thinking about remodeling your small bathroom, you may know that studies show updating a bathroom of any size can increase the value of a home. However, there’s a statistic from a Houzz survey you might not know: 75 percent of people who renovate a master bathroom doesn’t make it bigger. Enlarging a small master bathroom is often impractical; you may need to take space from another room or extend an exterior Continue Reading ...

Tips To A Successful Home Budget Prep

Posted on: August 17, 2017 by in Blog
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The Article Courtesy of First Choice Building Inspections It’s virtually impossible to know what size home you can afford if you aren’t fully aware of how much money you are earning and how much you are spending each month. Start with your income: How much do you bring home after taxes and retirement plan contributions? Next, look at your expenses: What are your necessary expenses? How much are you paying each month toward your debt? What additional expenses do you have that Continue Reading ...

Millenials Are Leaving Big Cities

Posted on: August 10, 2017 by in Blog
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Brought To You By First Choice Building Inspections Are millennials getting ready to leave big cities in droves? Some experts in demographics, economics, and real estate have predicted the millennial exodus from huge urban areas has already begun. If true, the question remains: where will they go? Some may head to the suburbs like their parents and grandparents did before them, but many will look for a different lifestyle, one that combines the advantages of suburban living with the Continue Reading ...

Study: Not Enough African-Americans Own Homes

Posted on: August 3, 2017 by in Blog
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From your friends at First Choice Building Inspections More than any other demographic group, African-Americans perceive homeownership as an integral component of the American Dream, and a way to build security and wealth for their families, according to a recent survey. The poll by Ipsos Public Affairs, conducted on behalf of Wells Fargo, found that 90 percent of African-Americans said homeownership would be a dream come true, and more than half were considering buying a home within Continue Reading ...

Stop Making These Mistakes When Buying Your First Home

Posted on: July 26, 2017 by in Blog
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Brought to you by First Choice Building Inspections Buying your first home is comparable to the first time you ride a bike. You can learn how it works from your parents and observes it from a distance, but you really won’t know the ins and outs until you sit down on the bicycle and start riding. Like most beginners, first-time homebuyers will likely make a few mistakes as they initially go through the home-buying process in the upcoming year. Here are five mistakes first-time Continue Reading ...

How To Choose The Right HVAC System For Your Home

Posted on: July 24, 2017 by in Blog
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  The article courtesy of First Choice Building Inspections The majority of Americans (74 percent) care about the environment, according to Pew Research. If you recycle regularly and have a programmable thermostat, you’re already doing something positive for the environment. But when it comes time to replace your heating, ventilation and cooling system, will you know how to make choices that protect your wallet and the environment? Your home’s HVAC system accounts for about Continue Reading ...

How To Avoid High Energy Bills In Your Next Home

Posted on: July 13, 2017 by in Blog
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Discover how to avoid ridiculously high utility bills - from your friends at First Choice Building Inspections.   Do you cringe each month when your utility bill arrives in the mail? If high energy costs are getting you down, don’t blame your electronic devices. Heating and cooling are the largest energy expense for most homes, reports the U.S. Department of Energy. If you dream of building a new, custom home, you must make some fundamental decisions about how the home will be Continue Reading ...

Big-Impact Ideas for Small Patio Spaces

Posted on: June 1, 2017 by in Blog
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Patio Spaces

(BPT) - Do you have a small patio? Do you think you can't do much with the space due to its size? There's probably a lot more potential than you think. From the influx of urban dwellers, empty-nesters in transition and even the tiny-home movement, the trend of downsizing continues across the United States. Contrary to popular belief, you can have an impressive patio even if you have a smaller abode. Here are a few design ideas to help bring your limited patio area to life while maximizing Continue Reading ...

5 Renovation Resolutions for Your Home This Year

Posted on: May 29, 2017 by in Blog
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Renovation, Resolutions for Your Home This Year

(BPT) - It’s no secret that springtime is synonymous with spruce-ups. But, as is often the case, homeowners hone in on prettying-up patios and backyards with fresh florals and new outdoor furniture, leaving the inside of the home as “same old, same old.” This spring, resolve to reinvent your home from the inside out with stylish décor sure to add the wow-factor it deserves. The five refreshing projects below will to help create a beautiful setting worthy of the new season — and Continue Reading ...

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