4 Point Inspection & Insurance Reports

A 4-Point Inspection evaluates the 4 major components of your home:

  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating and Air Conditions

From our experience, insurance companies are typically looking to see if these 4 areas of the home are in good condition. Or in the case of some older homes, if these areas have been updated recently.

There is currently no standard in the insurance industry for this type of inspection, the resulting report, or who should perform the inspection. Some companies ask that their specific form be used. Still other companies don’t have any requirements.

If you need an insurance letter, please ask the following
three (3) questions of your insurance company:

1. Do you require a specific form be used for this inspection?
Here at First Choice Building Inspections, we use an insurance inspection form that is generally accepted in most cases. However, if your insurance company requires that a special form be used, we will be happy to fill out that form in addition to our 4 point inspection form.

2. Do you require a tradesperson with a specific state license sign the inspection report?
We are only licensed as Home Inspectors. Sometimes the insurance company will require Electrician, Plumber or General Contractor licensing. In that case, we will not be able to complete the form. Please let us know when you contact us.

3. Do you require photographs?
Our standard 4-point inspection comes complete with digital photographs of the property.

Other common questions about 4-point inspections:

Can I use this type of inspection in lieu of a full home inspection?
No. This type of inspection is not intended for use as a pre-sale or prepurchase inspection, and will never replace a comprehensive full Home Inspection. A 4-point inspection is specifically geared for your insurance needs, and will not contain the type of information you need to make an informed decision for purchase.

Will you guarantee that the 4-Point Inspection you provide allows me to be approved for insurance?
Unfortunately, we are not an insurance company nor are we employed by one. As such, we do not know what any insurance company really needs or wants. We will provide an accurate and thorough evaluation of the four systems in the 4-point inspection.

Wind Mitigation (completed only with a full home inspection for $85.00)
A Wind Mitigation Inspection (Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form) checks your house for hurricane resistant construction features. If present, these features are supposed to lower the chance of your home sustaining expensive damage in the event of a wind storm or hurricane. If present, these features may qualify you for a significant discount on your home owner insurance policy.

Items checked include the age of the home, age of the roof, roof geometry, roof deck thickness, fasteners and fastener spacing, roof-to-wall attachments (hurricane clips), and window and door protection.

All Wind Mitigation Reports are completed on a computerized form including photos, and are delivered via email within 24 hours. All you have to do is print, sign and submit to your insurance carrier.

Just let us know at the time you schedule the inspection if you want one completed. Or, you can discuss it with the inspector on-site if you would like additional information.

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